Floor Painting

Professional Floor Painting Services

We use Sigma Paints for all our floor applications, as they offer the best and most long-lasting protection.

We provide professional painting services for both new and previously painted residential and commercial floors, including wooden and cement surfaces.

Please note that the floor needs to cure for at least 7 days.

Best Cement Floor Painting

Painted cement floors are popular in homes, offices, warehouses, and factories. Bare cement floors are vulnerable to traffic and the elements, while painting protects the floor and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

To achieve the best results, the cement floor must be carefully prepared. Proper preparation ensures your floor stays looking good, while poor preparation can lead to faster peeling and blistering.

Choosing the Right Color

For residential cement floors, lighter colors are often preferred, while commercial cement floors typically look better in darker colors.

How to Paint a Cement Floor

Wash the floor with a degreasing solution and allow it to dry.
Use a filler on any cracked or rough surfaces.
Apply two coats of primer.
Apply two coats of epoxy paint.
Apply a sealant.

Best Wooden Floor Painting

Painting a floor is more complex than painting a wall because floor planks aren’t designed to hold paint, and foot traffic increases the risk of flaking if not done correctly.

Professional painters use high-quality paints and techniques to ensure your wooden floors maintain their beauty and durability for as long as possible.

How to Paint a Wooden Floor

Knock down any protruding nail heads.
Sand the floor thoroughly.
Apply two coats of interior primer.
Apply two coats of paint.
Apply two coats of polyurethane sealant.
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